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About math study by mental arithmetic through abacus calculation

About math study by mental arithmetic through abacus calculation

About math study by mental arithmetic through abacus calculation
Recently from 6~7 years old children to elementary school students, math study of by mental arithmetic through abacus calculation using an abacus as teaching tool for learning has become popular.

What is the reason that recently learning by abacus calculation disappeared in our memory with the advent of computer and electronic calculator is splendidly resurrected and emerged as the most popular math study methods? Because it is proved that learning effect of math study by mental arithmetic through abacus calculation is excellent through numerous studies locally and abroad.

Actually, as a result of letting children study shaking their head at the mere mention of math study math using an abacus as the learning tool, their interest and confidence in math are much higher than children that study with workbooks.

Abacus system includes starting from the number who feels difficult and the exact concept for numbers up to basic calculation ability such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fraction and ability for mental arithmetic and math word problem and problems even required for logic and thinking power to connect school textbook on mathematics.

If you study abacus calculation with professional teachers who use an abacus and teach in fun and kindly, because the distracted child surprisingly improves concentration in just 1 or 2 months at the same time and the brain develops through constant stimulation of the fingertips, it is the innovative learning method as way early hothousing.

Abacus Edu. that completely makes up the weakness of other teaching materials and written not only gives a strong basis of school math but also changes the difficult math to getting more and more exciting subject and provides confidence in math when grade goes up.
Need for mental arithmetic through abacus calculation
① Children study more fun than learning with workbooks.
② Mental arithmetic skills surprisingly is jumped within a short time.
③ Even a child lacking basic calculation ability is surprisingly jumped in 3 months.
④ The distracted child jumps concentration.
⑤ Brain is developed through stimulus of fingertips.
⑥ Understanding, application ability, hearing, presentation skills are jumped.
⑦ Provides interest and confidence in math.
Learning targets
① Learning is possible from age 4 and improves calculation ability
② Student lacking calculation skills a little bit as lower grades in elementary school
③ Student who is often wrong in operation calculation mistakes and problems that know

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