Thursday, November 17, 2016

'Spectacular Resurrection' of abacus arithmetic that walked down.

Acquires the 11th level for the nation's first speed calculation in the 10th grade!
And as the national representative, she got the 1st prize at the international abacus calculation competition.
She has a lot of winning career!
Her genius mental arithmetic skills starts now!


The fastest education method to make a good brain for mathematics.
The children with calculation ability through abacus play lead to a confidence in mathematics.

As the number of correct answers grows, the size of confidence grows, but even if you make a mistake, you don't lose confidene.

It is basically a belief in oneself and a confidence in oneself, as surely as mathematical ability of calculation skills.
These children are easy to make a good brain for mathematics.
Because they feel that it is interesting to be mathematical and friendly and to challenge new problems.

Then, from now on, invest 15 minutes a day to raise the calculation ability for your child and make a good brain for math.


'Spectacular Resurrection' of abacus arithmetic that walked down.
With the development of information and communication technology, abacus that walked down is recovering. 
It's based on research results that help brain health.
The number of applicants for the abacus calculation test is increasing.
Abacus manufacturers and related institutes are re-emerging. 

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