Friday, March 3, 2017

Office Depot's ad of All-in-one office supplies service!!

All-in-one service of office supplies Office Depot
Do you know what this ad is? I'm looking at this ad so I can remember the love and war...Shredded notes and I put the note back on the message...
I will meet you at 5 o'clock in a place where we meet today(although the time is not clear...) It's written....You do not know what's funny about this, right? From now on, storytelling....
1. The secretary who has an affair with the president leaves a note (with a pen purchased at the office depot)
2. The boss confirms the note and ends up making it to his wife before he finds it.(with a shredder purchased from Office Depot)
3. Finally the boss's wife checks with a tape shredded note. (with tape purchased from the Office Depot)
Now you understand?
There is always an Office Depot message on your side that you're ready for when you need it.
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