Thursday, December 1, 2016

Abacus lecture & learning abacus with smartphone

Abacus lecture & learning abacus with smartphone


Hello! Nowadays, there are a variety of apps 
that help you learn from smartphone apps.
Among them, there is an application which can see 
free lecture of abacus lecture and will introduce it.

The digital age, most people have symptoms of smartphone game addiction.

These games threaten thinking with digital dementia.

Parents who have a child who falls into a smartphone will have to
worry about how our children can be study
and concentrate in more various ways.
My recommendation is to learn abacus!

Abacus is not only a great help in improving the ability to handle,
but also helps to alleviate the symptoms of children's smartphone game addiction.

Recently, Harvard University, a joint research team at the
University of California announced the results of experiments
on children who have learned abacus for 3 years and untrained children.
It is said that children who learned abacus greatly improved their mental ability and ability to comprehend.

According to this experiment, using the abacus
with the finger greatly activates the circuit of the brain,
so it improves the numerical ability and the mental ability.

There are not many places where you can learn abacus,
so it is recommended for students who are interested in learning abacus. 

The lecture will be updated~
Abacus lecture will be continued in order to make abacus easy and fun to learn from various aspects.

If you are interested in studying abacus, please download it now.

English version abacus is provided and take a look at it.





Stop playing smartphone game now that destroys our child's creativity.
Enjoy free fun lectures anytime and anywhere to help you improve your numerical ability and  concentration

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