Sunday, May 21, 2017

Car Free Day campaign ad of the organization for animal lovers 〔WWF〕!!

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WWF is not a wrestling organization.
It was changed to WWE some time ago.
At the end of the lawsuit, the two organizations that had the same trademark rights lifted WWF's hand and the name of the wrestling organization changed.
Please note.
-Country: Europe
-Year: September, 2009
-Copy: "Car Free Day"
-Contents: WWF is an animal-loving organization. 

They have a lot of activities around the world. WWF, well-known for its advertising of illegal poaching, is introducing exciting ads. The animal is placed on the front wheel of the bicycle. If you look at it, you can see the parody of the Rolls Royce. It is an ad that means to ride a bicycle through a car-free campaign. I am a little disappointed because 
Car Free Day is on September 22 every year in local campaigns but the participation is not enough. Let's join!

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