Sunday, May 21, 2017

Hidden picture ads such as finding Willie?

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Look for Willie, remember?
It's fun to find out where you are.
That Willy, who gave me another new experience with the hidden picture.
Willie, who had leveled the eyes of all children while they were on TV.
When I look at the advertisement above, my memories come up.
I looked for it in my mind. I did not see it.
Honestly, I may be because I have a lack of color and I am a color medicine.
Anyway, the above ad is a chest of drawers.
Everyone will have this experience.
A tough situation that I can not find when I tr to find a tie.
Looking for and looking again.
Then the time is getting slow
Oh. it's hard.
The two images above seems to portray the mind of a person who is in such a situation.
It's fun.
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