Sunday, May 21, 2017

Lindt Excellence Intense.....Chocolate advertisement... How tasty it is...


Lindt Excellence Intense
-Overseas Advertising/Domestic Advertising/Similar Advertising/Print ad/ Advertising Image/TVCF/Outdoor Advertising/Marketing/Fun Advertising/Chocolate
-Country: USA
-Year: ??
-Copy: "Intensely~~"
-Contents: Chocolate advertising of overseas advertising
Made of strong feeling, resulting in huge impact with an advertisement..
To express the taste of the product, it expresses a feeling on fire.
Coffee, blueberries, oranges to maximize the image of the product according to the taste is expressed.
It is the best to express fire that expresses intense thing both locally and abroad.
The devil's temptation, French kiss reminds me.
This is a very interesting ad.

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